There was once a television show about a family of people living in a rural area who became rich when the head of the household struck oil while hunting one day. The family moved from their old home into a new one where the rich people live. I thought that something like that could never happen in real life, but it happened to me. Oil came pouring out of my backyard and I sold the property to a company for a lot of money. Using the money, my wife and I looked for Las Vegas Summerlin apartments and moved into one.

While looking for a new place, my wife told me about all of the wonderful things she wanted out of an apartment. She wanted to have a walk in closet to hold all of the fancy clothes that she would buy at the stores in Las Vegas. It hadn’t even been that long since we got the money from selling the property, and she was already thinking of ways to blow through it. It’s a good thing my wife and I don’t have a gambling problem, or we would have gone through the money the second we set foot in Las Vegas. She also wanted to have a fireplace, which I thought wouldn’t be possible in an apartment, but apparently it was thanks to the miracle of modern construction.

I was able to find just the place that had the things my wife wanted, and there were even some things that I liked too. There were two swimming pools that residents could use, a fitness center, spas, and even a clubhouse. Sometimes I do miss the simple lifestyle of the rural area where my wife and I used to live, but then I get over that feeling and enjoy the luxurious surroundings that I’m able to afford with my oil money.