In his book on his father Balraj Sahni the author Parikshat Sahni shares the secret of actress Nutan’s slim figure

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Doing housework helps women who have free time remain fit
Most indian women tend to put on weight as they grow older
However, the actress Nutan was one of the few actresses who remained slim all the time.
In his book, Non-conformist :Memories of my father Balraj Sahni the author Parikshat Sahni has profiled various actors and actresses in Bollywood
The actress Nutan, is one of the actresses profiled
The book is worth reading only for one important secret of Nutan’s slim figure which the author has shared.
In the book the author mentions that he asked Nutan the secret of her slim figure. She told him that she is doing all the housework, cleaning, scrubbing the bathroom and other areas of the house. So though some people may look down on doing housework, cleaning and bending, for others doing housework is a better way to remain slim compared to spending hours at the gym