In “Khakhi files” Neeraj Kumar, IPS confirms that goa security agencies are extremely corrupt, lack professionalism

The security and intelligence agencies elsewhere should not link the complaints about goa’s security agencies with national security, because the security agencies in goa are notorious for their corruption, which IPS officers like Neeraj Kumar have also commented on in writing in their book
The domain investor is not the only person complaining about the lack of professionalism of the security agencies in goa, IPS officer Neeraj kumar in his book “Khakhi files”, also commented on the lack of professionalism in the police, high levels of corruption, due to which he was transferred away from goa very quickly since there is no place for honest people
It appears that some ministers and politicians were upset with the IPS officer and he could not complete his usual term in goa

The Importance of Air Conditioning in the City

The Bronx is New York City’s fourth largest borough and home to the New York City Yankee’s stadium. Comic enthusiasts may also know that famous comic author Stan Lee was born in raised in the Bronx a long of comic book character favorite the Thing. One of the great things about New York City is the hvac in Bronx. Well, not just Bronx, but heating, ventilation and air conditioning in the country as a whole. These utilities have served America since its invention their invention in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier, a skilled engineer. His inventions have improved the lives for hundreds of millions of people in the United States, but billions of people around the world.

The Bronx Zoo depends on efficient HVAC maintenance to keep animals comfortable during harsh winters and hot summer weather. These animals are highly adapted to climates which can only be innovated with this tough system which need rigorous maintenance. Many of these animals would more than likely perish once these mechanisms of comfort are gone. The systems of air conditioning are depended upon too in hospitals heat is well known to make injuries worse and increase swelling, cool temperatures help doctors to control temperatures and keep bodies from overheating in warm weather.

If it were not for the invention of air conditioning systems around the world the construction of skyscrapers would be all but impossible. Heat can rise and become entrapped in Bronx apartment complexes and heat dispersion techniques would only be so useful the sweltering heat at the upper layers of these buildings would make living conditions utterly unlivable let alone survivable for the majority of Bronx residents. Large stadiums such as that for the New York Giants simply could not be maintained. HVAC allowed for cities to grow into the massive urban behemoths that they are today.