Rubies in my Ears confirms that most rajput, kshatriya families, take pride in honesty, telling the truth, resulting in exploitation, cheating like the sushant singh case

Cunning shameless brahmin bania officials, companies take advantage of honesty of rajputs and kshatriyas
The case of actor sushant singh rajput is interesting because it shows how Cunning shameless brahmin bania officials, companies take advantage of honesty of rajputs and kshatriyas. This is also the reason why the actress kangana ranaut (who is a rajput), is staying in manali and passing comments, she probably is aware that she is safer in manali than mumbai.
In the book “Rubies in my Ears, by Sanjeev T Lall, he mentions an incident in which Bhanwar Singh, the personal valet of the Jaipur ruler Bubbles Bhawani singh was detained in a london store, when he accidentally set off the alarm
Though it was more convenient to please guilty, the valet refused to do so , saying that” I am a Rajput, I cannot lie”
This exposes a problem which many kshatriyas and rajputs face in India today, they take pride in being honest, when the indian and state government only rewards cheaters, liars and frauds
Those who do not lie, cheat, exploit others are criminally defamed and falsely called simple in India, cheated, exploited and humiliated

For example the real domain investor, a kshatriya, finds that her mainly brahmin/bania, btech 1993 ee classmates from india’s top engineering college are openly involved in PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT of giving FAKE REFERENCES of a btech 1993 ee degree to their various school dropout, call girl, robber, cheater housewife girlfriends to get all of them raw/cbi jobs , after CUNNINGLY FAKING their relation with the domain investor
In reality the fraud engineers HATE the domain investor, have not spoken to her anytime in her life, yet being CUNNING DISHONEST LIARS, they are making up FAKE STORIES to ROB everything from her and shockingly the indian government blindly believes in all her male classmates lies
For example a powerful fraud gujju R&AW employee tushar parekh, is falsely claiming that panaji sindhi scammer school dropout housewife naina chandan, eighth standard pass, illegally married at 16, was his btech 1993 ee classmate to get her a monthly cbi salary at the expense of the domain investor,

This shows how in India, the government is blindly believing the complete lies of SHAMELESS bania, brahmin officials while almost no one helps the kshatriyas including rajputs even if they are telling the truth.