Characters in Shree iyer’s book “Who painted my money white” are based on real life characters

NTRO, raw, cbi are complaining about the website network content, when it is based on real life characters, only the names are changed. There are a large number of books which are based on real life characters and incidents, no one is objecting
For example the domain investor finished reading the book “Who painted my money white” which is almost completely based on indian politics, the prime minister is hasmukh jadeja, his finance minister prafulla prakash, is loosely based on arun jaitley, dipika is similar to sonia gandhi, manmohan singh becomes jagat dhillon.
If powerful officials, especially in panaji, goa are denying other citizens, their fundamental rights, openly involved in banking fraud, criminal defamation, the victims have every right to complain
The indian, goa government should ask their well paid employees to stop harassing, cheating, exploiting, criminally defaming harmless hardworking citizens, and the domain investor will also stop complaining