The Mindful Brain

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I believe that you might be interested in books relating to psychology and psychology novels. Hence I am pleased to introduce my new book “The Mindful Brain”, which is a psychology novel integrating fiction and non-fiction features. Amazon described the book as follows: “The Mindful Brain” analyzes scientific issues of psychology, positive psychology, psychotherapy, the mind and brain, and human life. Narrated within an exciting story of adventures within a journey of self-exploration, it blends fictional characters and storylines with up-to-date and relevant scientific facts and is written in a way that helps readers to raise awareness of what is truly desired”.

Veronica white, Amazon Reviewer wrote: “Author Arnon Levy Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, and pyscho-anthropologist has by far written a fantastic and interesting read . His book has many levels that pull the reader into the pages, from the storyline, characters and the magical parts with science all pulled together into the topic of psychology. Right off the bat, the main character is introduced right into the topic at hand right away making the reader begin to question what they know about themselves and the world around them…

With the main character traveling from Israel through the world on a journey of self-exploration and discovery; from seeing an old friend in their own haven he continues to meet even more bewildering and amazing people who further unveil new concepts of psychopathology and psychotherapy and riddles of the relationships. Each new experience helps the main character delve into a new way of thinking beyond what he had been prior to and opened doors to aid with his in-depth understanding of not only his inner world but the world we all live in as well. The book is complex but very interesting and well put together in a way that helps the readers to delve deeper into discovering their own new avenues and paths of perception. Wonderful book…”

With a clear demand for books within this genre, I believe that it will appeal to a wide range of your followers who will readily relate to the story and ideas that it presents. I shall be glad to send you a gift or PDF copy upon your request to Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Arnon Levy Ph.D