Pentias – Master of the Elemental Jewels

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Karthika Sajeev Kumar a budding author. Pentias – Master of the Elemental Jewels will be released in 2 weeks,

It is the second book in the Pentias series but it has individual stories, Below is the synopsis of the book Pentias – Master of the Elemental Jewels –

Aahan a 15-year-old teenage boy, gets disturbed by the recurring dream of Mrs. Laurels’ ghost choking his six-year old brother Aarav to death.

The next day of his birthday his father, Mr. Mathur slips into a coma. His last words were, ‘This is my end…Please meet Mother Alaysia… We do not belong here…take your brother with you…open my gift son’.

Who is Mother Alaysia? What is happening to dad? How did mother save us from Mrs. Laurels’ ghost?

His mother, dead long ago, and now on the verge of losing his father, Aahan only has so many unanswered questions in front of him. Aahan, Aarav, Dhyan, Farhan, and Harshi, the Pentias set on a tour to find the answers which leads them to….’where are we? What is this place?’

‘Silandria is a place beyond words, beyond imagination’, says Mother Alaysia, ‘You are the sons of the King and Queen of Silandria, Aahan you are the future King of Silandria’.


Legend says the disappearance of the Elemental Jewels is due to a curse and the reason for its master’s untimely death. With not much time to explore this new place that is claimed to be his birth-place, the Pentias now have to break a curse by finding the four lost Elemental jewels of Silandria to help Mr. Mathur’