Behram’s Boat – a book about retired Parsi

“Behram’s Boat” written by Adi Pocha that was launched last week and is available on Amazon and other outlets. The book is published by LeadStart.

“Behram’s Boat” is a labour of love by the dashing corporate filmmaker and former advertising and television professional. It is the story of a 65-year-old eccentric Parsi, Behram Rustomjee. Behram is in the twilight of his life, retired and suddenly feels his whole life has been devoid of purpose.

So Behram decides he wants to do something large, noble and gallant – he wants to try and save his tribe: the Parsis. Behram plans this crazy plan to build a boat. A big wooden boat with sails, somewhat similar to the one that Parsis used to travel from Persia to India all those centuries ago.

Only Behram plans to sail in the opposite direction, from India to Iran. And he plans to invite 50 young Parsi couples to join the voyage, with the fond hope that they will fall in love. And procreate. And eventually save the Parsis.

Soon, building the boat becomes the purpose of the rest of his life. The book is about Behram’s whimsical yet audacious journey to build this boat, the trials and tribulations that he faced along the way.