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Liking the New Security System from ADT in Memphis

I started out working by delivering newspapers as a teenager. I actually started before that. I would make things as a younger child and sell them. I could work with wood and ceramics. A local place had a kiln, and I would hand-paint figurines, vases and stuff, have them fired and then sell them. Now I have a career and work hard providing for my family. It upsets me that there was the need to install a security system at our home, but I am happy that ADT in Memphis was there for us.

Our neighborhood started to get hit with a bunch of thefts and burglaries. We were kind of relaxed about home security around here. I would leave the garage door open up front while working in the back. Well, after a chainsaw disappeared, I figured it was time to get some cameras put up that would record around the clock. I got that with the home security system we had installed from ADT in Memphis. Continue reading "Liking the New Security System from ADT in Memphis"

Staying in the Charlotte Area for Work, Family and Fun

Our new apartment has a courtyard that is amazing. The pool is like one you would find at a resort, and there is a nice fire pit area and clubhouse. We like our neighbors, and the pace and attitude of the lifestyle here at these Ballantyne NC apartments called The District South suits us quite well. The kids have a playground, and we all enjoy the swimming pool. They even have a car care center. Stuff you want or need is here on site. They thought of the things tenants would want and made sure you had access to it here.

We like our apartment with its high ceilings that are up to nine feet. I like seeing the ceramic surround the tub, and we both like the big walk-in shower. We have big closets, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops in the kitchen. Continue reading "Staying in the Charlotte Area for Work, Family and Fun"

Finding Relief from My Pain

For as long as I can remember I have had very painful periods. They would get so bad that I would be bedridden for several days each month. I had a bad reaction to hormonal birth control so I thought I would just have to suffer forever with the pain, or at least until menopause. This all changed when I read an article online about chiropractic care for menstrual issues. After seeing this I found a Peoria chiropractor who advertised that they could help with this sort of thing. I made an appointment for the week before my cycle was supposed to start.

I was cautiously optimistic as I went in for my appointment. Continue reading "Finding Relief from My Pain"

Dancing with My Cool Friends

I'm ready to go dancing after seeing the Redding chiropractor. My back was giving me trouble for the longest time, and I was invited to go dancing with some friends, but I declined because of my back trouble. They told me that I should probably get some help for my back, since it had been bothering me for so long. I had been putting it off because my schedule was so busy with work, and I could handle the pain with a bit of aspirin. All of this was unnecessary, because the pain could have been fixed in only a few minutes.

I finally decided to stop procrastinatiing and made an appointment with the chiropractor. When I told him how long I had been having the pain, the chiropractor told me that I should have come in to see him sooner, because the pain was only going to get worse the longer I waited. He gave a treatment for the pain and told me not to do anyrthing that would put too much stress on my back while it was healing. Continue reading "Dancing with My Cool Friends"

We Need a Little Assistance Here and There with Getting Things Done

I have realized lately that I am no spring chicken anymore. always been a pretty active person, but life is moving a lot slower for me these days. So, I often have to get help with a lot of things that I need to get done. I called around for tree service in Nassau County recently because I just can't climb ladders like I used to. My trees are not very tall, and they can easily be worked on by anyone who can climb easily. But this and other things that I need to do are just not easy for me anymore.

I used to be in the military. In fact, I am retired from the military now. I spent decades giving my country my all. I also served during two different wars. I know a lot of people can't understand the that sort of life, but I was made for it. Continue reading "We Need a Little Assistance Here and There with Getting Things Done"

Comb vs coil binding for books

Review and information of book binding and related services. Kindly note that the customer has not paid for this article, so it is provided as a free sample, for those who wish to order content from info@blogposts.in . Please note that raw/cbi employees are not associated with the website in any way at all, though they have made fake claims for the last 10 years.

For many applications like presentations, events and proposals, there are a large number of printed pages available which have to be bound together in book form so that they can be mailed or given to the customers, staff or others. Coil and comb binding are some of the most popular methods of binding a large number of pages quickly. These methods are similar in some aspects, since holes are made in all the papers and sheets which are to be bound, and then a coil or comb is used to bind them together. Many of the businesses are offering both these binding methods, so customers would like to compare Coil Binding vs Comb Binding before choosing a specific method for binding.

One of the main advantages of comb binding compared to coil binding is that it can be easily opened up if required. Often marketing and other presentations are compiled into a book by binding and these have to be updated adding or changing a few new pages. So if the comb binding is used it is easy to open up the binding and change or add the pages without any additional cost. On the other hand, if coil binding has to be removed, it is very tedious and the coil often has to be destroyed. So changing the pages for coil binding is tedious and expensive compared to comb binding.

Review and information of book binding and related services. Kindly note that the customers has not paid for this article, so it is provided as a free sample, for those who wish to order content from info@blogposts.in

On the other hand, coil binding is considered more durable compared to comb binding. For coil binding, a large number of small holes are made using machine and the distance between these holes is also less. The coil used is also stronger and more durable. So pages are less likely to fall out of the coil bound book, it can be used roughly and sent in the mail. For comb binding the holes in the pages which are bound are larger and the distance between the holes is also more. Hence the pages in a comb bound book are may fall out. Hence books with comb binding should not be used roughly.

While both comb and coil bound books can be kept flat on the surface for photocopying applications, one of the advantages of using the coil binding is that it can rotated or folded back through 360 degree if required without affecting the binding. So coil binding is used in applications where the book is used for writing or reading in small areas, and the book has to be folded. Also the comb for binding is usually available only in fixed sizes, while the coil can be supplied in different sizes. Hence coil binding is suitable for binding books in non standard sizes without additional cost.

Review and information of book binding and related services. Kindly note that the customers has not paid for this article, so it is provided as a free sample, for those who wish to order content from info@blogposts.in

Most book binders are offering coils as well as combs in different colors according to the customer requirement. Since the coils are made from thin plastic or metal wire, it is not possible to print a message or company logo on the wire coil. In contrast, the comb used for comb binding can be provided in any color and it can have the company name, message or logo screen printed on it, if required by the customer. Hence comb binding is preferred for company branding, presentations, marketing literature, since it is easy to customize the comb used for binding.

Coil binding is a newer technology which has been developed more recently for binding the books compared to comb binding which was used for many decades. The comb used for binding is usually made only from plastic, while for coil binding the customer can choose between a metal or plastic coil depending on their budget and application. The metal coil can be crimped at the end to prevent slippage of paper, though it may get distorted. On the other hand, the plastic coils cannot be crimped, though they will not get distorted.

Review and information of book binding and related services. Kindly note that the customer has not paid for this article, so it is provided as a free sample, for those who wish to order content from info@blogposts.in

Though machines are now available for punching the holes, and binding the sheets together, it is observed that the time taken for coil binding is usually more compared to comb binding. This is because the number of holes on a book with coil binding per inch is more than the similar sized books with comb binding. Hence the cost of coil binding is usually more than comb binding. Both the binding methods can be used for at least 300 pages, though a minimum of 5 pages are required for comb binding. Hence depending on whether flexibility, durability or price is important, either binding method can be used.

The Life of the Party

This year to celebrate Lunar New Year, I decided to have a party in my condo at Boulevard 88 in Singapore and invite all of my friends. This was my first time hosting such an event, and I wanted everything to be perfect, so I planned in advance for it. I crafted the perfect menu of foods that would be served at the party. I even meticulously made just the right play-list full of music that would be great for keeping people entertained during the party. Normally I'll just order a pizza, grab some chips and drinks from the store, and put on anything when I want to have a get together, but this party was special, so I put lots of thought into it.

I had a time set for the party to start, and I didn't expect anyone to actually show up on time, because they normally don't when I have a gathering, but this time, everyone came at exactly the right moment. I was constantly going around the room while the guests talked to each other, making sure that everyone had something to eat or drink. It was a bit more stressful than I anticipated. I tried to sit down and relax for a moment, but I couldn't stop thinking about how much food and drink was left.

As time passed at the party, I became less stressed and let myself have some fun by dancing with the guests. Music has a way of getting everyone to let go of their inner thoughts and just put their energy towards something that will be entertaining. It was a good party, and I was glad that everyone came, but next year, I think I'll leave the party for someone else to throw. I'd prefer to just be a guest.

Reading books is very time consuming, which no one acknowledges

The indian intelligence and security agencies think that acquiring language skills is very easy, anyone can acquire them overnight. However, the fact is that acquiring reasonable language skills in any language takes a lot of time and effort.
While most people will acquire a good vocabulary in their mother tongue and medium of instruction in school or college, acquiring good written english skills requires a lot of practice. The person has to spend time reading a large number of books, magazines, newspapers and periodicals

Yet though the indian and state government have launched the Skill India program, it fails to recognize the fact that acquiring reasonably good writing skills, means that the person has to spend a lot of time reading, which means that the person will not have time for other activities like keeping their house immaculately clean. The person will also have a lot of papers and reading materials in their house

On the other hand, those who do not read like the google, tata sponsored gujju sex queen cbi employee housewife naina chanda, her sons nikhil, karan and her family and other raw/cbi employees, do not have good writing skills, they do not keep papers and magazines in their house, yet falsely claim that they are providing writing services to customers outside india, with the help of fraud LIAR ntro employees like gujju sex addict nikhil sha, parmar, parekh, puneet, j srinivasan, vijay and others

yet the goan, state and indian government continues with its online fraud of making fake claims about raw/cbi employees who do not spend time reading, writing offer writing services to customers outside india.

"The Break up clinic" remains the best book for those who have been cheated or betrayed

Many indian citizens who have been ruthlessly cheated, exploited and betrayed by those who they trusted find it extremely difficult to get any kind of help, especially since a large section of the population has been microchipped.

So one of the best ways a person who has been cheated or betrayed can help himself or herself is "The Break up clinic" by Dr Govind Sharma, IAS, Retd which exposes the dark side of human nature, how betrayals, especially in relationships, are far more common that what people think. There is very less information available on the trauma, anger which betrayal victims are experiencing.

The book explains the scientific reason why people betray those who trusted them, and the best way to deal with the betrayal, so that the betrayal victim can lead a normal life at the earliest.

For the domain investor, who has been ruthlessly betrayed, cheated and exploited by almost everyone she trusted, especially fraud NTRO/raw/cbi employees the book remains one of the best books available, and is highly recommended for victims of organized stalking or those who have powerful enemies.

Please note that lazy greedy fraud R&AW/cbi, ntro employees like asmita patel, gujju housewife naina, sons karan, nikhil , veena, sunaina chodan, riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar are not associated with the website in any way, as they are not spending any money and not doing any work online, only making fake claims to get credit and a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the real domain investor, who is broke because of the ntro, government financial fraud since 2010. Like the saudi killers of jamal khashoggi in instanbul in october 2018, the R&AW/cbi/ntro employees are only repeating their lies like parrots for more than 8 years wasting more than Rs 30 crores of indian taxpayer money, they cannot provide any evidence of domain, website, paypal account ownership.

Sex addiction is similar to drug addiction

The book "Of Aakash and Aarti" by Dr Govind Sharma is interesting because unlike most other books available, it shows that there is strong similarity in the behavior of those who are addicted to sex, and drugs, yet the mainstream media refuses to cover news of the sex addiction of powerful men, how the women get great powers after seducing or having extra marital affairs with these women

While drug addicts like Aakash face social censure and are often imprisoned, powerful and wealthy men like Basant Somani who are addicted to sex with beautiful young women like Aarti, do not face any censure, except from their wives, though their behaviour is very similar to drug addicts. Just like Aakash is willing to do anything to get his next drug dose, Basant Somani is willing to do anything to sleep with Aarti.

The indian and state governments do not realize the severity of the sex addiction of powerful ntro, R&AW, cbi employees and blindly believe in their complete lies that google, tata sponsored goan call girls, school dropouts, cheater housewives and other fraud raw/cbi employees having extra marital affairs, with these government employees, who do not spend any time and money online, are doing the work, owning this and other websites to get them salaries at the expense of the real domain investor who is broke.

Western intelligence agencies consider Mhow cheater ntro employee puneet like Finny in a Separate World

Indian intelligence agencies especially R&AW are extremely unperceptive when they continue with their endless financial, online frauds. The indian government refuses to acknowledge their mistake , in stealing the identity of a single woman engineer, however western and other intelligence agencies consider the mhow cheater ntro employee puneet , like the character Finny in a Separate world

The good looking extrovert mhow cheater puneet is like the character Finny, fond of carrying out extremely dangerous stunts like the identity theft of his harmless btech 1993 ee classmate , which violates all legal and financial laws. He was so charming and social, that he managed to persuade everyone to participate in his extremely dangerous stunt just the Finny.

It appears that a close friend of the mhow cheater puneet, working in the banking sector pointed out his fraud and effectively fractured his leg ( or in this case his identity theft fraud, pointing out that making fake claims about the bank account is not acceptable) just like Gene in the book, a Separate world, who caused the fracture of Finny despite being his best friend.

So it is time the indian intelligence agencies stop behaving like schoolboys end their dangerous stunts of stealing the identity of experienced engineer

Advertising for books, self publishing firms, service providers

Kindly note that some extremely powerful ntro, raw, cbi, google, tata, security agency officials are falsely claiming that 8-10 fraud raw/cbi/intelligence agency employees own this website to justify the wastage of tax payer money, paying them a salary, when in reality none of these fraud indian government employees are spending any money on the website or doing any work online at all . The real domain investor has to spend money on all the expenses, do all the work and is getting nothing at all, because of the great fraud.
Any advertising on the website will be appreciated.


A Course in Miracles (ACIM) teaches us that peace is our natural state.


A website like rtg.casino will provide you with the highest quality in the industry.

Almost no one is opting for digital copy of book due to google,tata sex, bribery racket

The only reason why the blogger form is worth filling is because it provides good information about the bloggers/book reviewers . For example the for asked the bloggers to indicate whether they wanted a paperback or ebook format, almost all the bloggers have opted for a paperback
Most of the reviewers are realizing that nothing can be done about the google, tata sex , bribery racket, when they, ntro falsely claim that goan call girls and other frauds who are not doing any work online,not reading books, are online experts, writing book reviews
At least when a paperback copy is received, they can sell it at a later date , a digital copy has less value.

"All these years" by Raj Thapar talks about surveillance

Most books in India talk about an utopian world, where indian citizens do not face any problem. However the harsh reality of living in India is that government is putting indian citizens under surveillance for a number of reasons.

In the book "All these years" by Raj Thapar, she talks about surveillance, and the police employee who was deployed to monitor the activities of Raj and her husband Romesh Thapar. She says that after 7 years, though they were members of the communist party and high profile, the surveillance was removed because it is a standard police rule.

This highlights the problem faced by the domain investor, owning this website , though she is not affiliated with any political party in any way at all, she is under surveillance for more than 8 years since 2010, and the surveillance has not been removed, though the domain investor is a harmless private citizen, not an activist of any kind because google, tata have bribed top officials like mandrekar, hathwar, kodancha with jobs for their relatives siddhi, nayanshree and others

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