I was to attend a meeting in Farmington, Utah. I flew in to Salt Lake City, got a rental car and started driving to my destination. On the floor of the rental car is a flyer an escort service. I think the last guy should have cleaned out the car a little better. Who needs an escort in Utah anyway? Somewhere along the way my phone started getting a lot of messages. The meeting was delayed, then cancelled. Big meetings with lots of people go that way sometimes. I get paid either way. Called my assistant and had them set up a meeting tomorrow. All I need is one other guy and we can get some decisions made.

I find myself in a mall called Station Park. I don’t know this place, I have never been here before. Part of me wants to find a liquor store, a fast food cup and a can of Coke. My doctor has been after me though. Something about too much sugar and not enough exercise. Walking around the mall and getting drunk is like exercise I think. Must spend the night here in Farmington, but I do not want to be alone. I want to drink to forget but I cannot do that either. It might be another lonely night at the Hampton Inn.

The website on the flier rolls around in my head. I use my phone and look at the web site. At first I look at the pictures, then I read the words. It all makes sense in a way. I decide that I want someone to share with me. I want someone to go with me to a restaurant named “Aubergine Kitchen” so we can both make fun of the bougie items on the menu. Somewhere in the back of my mind I work out how middle class it is to hire an escort to make fun of avocado toast on a menu.