I needed to find Edina apartments for rent outside Minneapolis because this city is just getting too busy. So many people have moved into this town in the last ten years that I noticed my commute times getting longer and longer. I’m an old timer in this city and I can remember a time when you could get around fairly easily. Traffic was always an issue, but not like it is now. It’s worse in the winter too because of the icy conditions. I looked into moving out of the city proper and into a suburb.

I’ve always lived in an apartment so that’s what I looked into when deciding where to live. I wanted a nice place, though, and not the type of complex where you have a lot of younger people living and partying all night. That meant looking for something more upscale. I settled on Edina because it’s a nice area right outside the city and by moving there I’ll actually be able to get into and out of the city for work much easier than where I live now. It’s also the place where I found the perfect complex and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else after seeing it up close.

It’s a beautiful place with a host of amenities that are better than any apartment building I’ve lived in inside the city. The office staff is great and had answers for all my questions. Even better is that it’s quiet! The units seem to block out noise better than any I’ve found. I mentioned the amenities and there are too many great ones to list. The best thing I’ve seen is the heated underground garage. As someone who has tried to jump start a car in forty below weather, this is an absolute godsend. It’s going to be great to live here.