I started out working by delivering newspapers as a teenager. I actually started before that. I would make things as a younger child and sell them. I could work with wood and ceramics. A local place had a kiln, and I would hand-paint figurines, vases and stuff, have them fired and then sell them. Now I have a career and work hard providing for my family. It upsets me that there was the need to install a security system at our home, but I am happy that ADT in Memphis was there for us.

Our neighborhood started to get hit with a bunch of thefts and burglaries. We were kind of relaxed about home security around here. I would leave the garage door open up front while working in the back. Well, after a chainsaw disappeared, I figured it was time to get some cameras put up that would record around the clock. I got that with the home security system we had installed from ADT in Memphis. I never thought about it before, but the fire alarm and carbon monoxide detecting that will automatically have help sent makes a home security system more like a necessity than a perk.

Plus, the systems are very affordable. Even back when my budget was tight as a drum, I could have afforded the basic system with monthly monitoring. The cameras they install now are great. They display very clear footage that is recorded in the cloud. You can go back to when motion was detected and review the footage even from your smartphone. It is a very nice system. However, the thing I like the best is the ability to control locks and lights remotely. I have left the house with the garage door open and the front door unlocked when I was in a hurry. Now I don’t have to drive back home to fix that.