It appears that google, tata have got R&Aw/cbi jobs for 10 lazy greedy mediocre cheater women with fake resumes, fake online work, only on the condition that their powerful fraud relatives, friends and lovers ensure that the google competitor does not make a single rupee online and offline, so that online identity theft racket can continue.

So these officials are ruthless in ensuring that the google competitor does not get any compensation for any of the books she is reviewing, spending a lot of time as google, tata are duping people that the lazy greedy slim goan bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc, who provides sex services to ntro, cbi, raw employees, who does not spend any time reading books and doing any work online, is reviewing the books to pamper the lazy greedy panaji prostitute raw employee further , defaming, cheating and exploiting the google competitor who is actually reviewing the book and spending her time and money online.

So when Shristi publishers sent a copy of Jasmine blooms by Rajat Narula to the google competitor, for review, the google competitor found that the envelope containing the book had been opened as someone(probably goan call girl sunaina ) was probably checking if sristi publishers was compensating the google competitor in any way, and had taken the covering letter and anything else which was sent to the google competitor

This clearly shows how unethical the sundar pichai led google is in destroying competition, using goan sex workers for honeytrapping security agency employees in panaji, goa, to ensure that the google competitor does not get any money for her time and effort.