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Our founder, Shri Ajvalia, just launched his latest book and we are wondering if you would like a free ebook and audiobook to read?

To share a little bit more about Shri and the book I have attached his media kit. Also a blurb about the book is below for your quick overview.

The Diamond Lifestyle is the personal development book you will ever need to buy.

The Diamond Lifestyle is based on the two of the most well-known theories in psychological science: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the Pareto Principle.

The 7 Rules provide distilled expertise to living successfully in all areas of your life from: Finance, Health, Relationships, and Personal Development.

Rule #1: Attain financial security and get rid of money stress by using a proven personal finance strategy to automate how you handle your expenses, get rid of debt, create financial goals, and invest so you can create a passive income for life.

Rule #2: Obtain income security and grow your income by concentrating your effort in the frameworks for a successful career as an employee or business owner.

Rule #3 – Understand your current physical health, and use a personalized food and exercise routine to prevent major diseases, create more vitality and energy for life.

Rule #4 – Develop your unique purpose in life and use mental tools so you can control your happiness and overcome any emotional challenges in life.

Rule #5 – Become the best version of yourself through personal development by developing ambition, mastering yourself through hard skills, experiencing new people, places, and things, and becoming the change you wish to see.

Rule #6 – Build five core relationships with mutual care, trust, respect, and love. Ensure you spend time fostering these relationships.

Rule #7 – Embody the role model inside of you and pay it forward to others by sharing wisdom, wealth, time, and happiness.