Prince Harry’s book Spare becomes the top selling non-fiction book with 1.43 million copies sold

While the mainstream media has covered the news that Prince Harry’s book Spare becomes the top selling non-fiction book with 1.43 million copies sold in UK, USA and Canada after the book was released on 10 January 2023, it highlights the fact that the second child is often treated very badly
The book has approximately 416 pages and is priced at $36 in the United States where Prince Harry now lives. In UK the book is available at a 50% discount according to media reports
This book is interesting because it showcases how family relations can change over time and siblings can become very hostile to each other. Government agencies have been falsely giving a relative credit and a monthly government salary for faking domain ownership after the relative and her husband destroyed the the reputation and life of the domain investor, making fake allegations without proof.
The book highlight that each family member is different and they are not interchangeable so the government should end its fraud. It also shows that people are always interested in family relationships, hostility, fights whichever the family is.

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“Nothing lasts forever” highlights the ruthlessness of the high status well connected people in committing crime, financial fraud

Nothing lasts forever is a good book because it reflects the lack of morals of high status respectable educated professionals and others in India who will break all laws to become rich quickly, ruthlessly cheating,exploiting anyone they find vulnerable. It appears that the identity theft racket was planned in 2010, and gradually implemented .
While earlier people associated crime with goondas ,today it is educated professionals,high status well connected people.
making plenty of money ,ruthlessly cheating, exploiting, ROBBINg others, especially those who are vulnerable like single women, senior citizens

Like Raaj & Serena Kumar in the book the domain investor has been cheated by a large number of married cheater couples, out to make some quick money
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