Point of View , Synopsis

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Point of View; unfold the story of two professional brothers, Dr. Vinod Anand, the elder, a market researcher and the younger one, Dr. Vijay Anand a psychotherapist. Both the brothers are competent and absorbed in their respective professions to the extent that even their outlook towards life is tainted by their professional knowledge and philosophies.
Vinod firmly believes that the degree of happiness in life is contingent with ownership of physical possessions that can be attained only with sound market knowledge. Vijay, on the other hand, believes happiness can be attained only by maintaining a balance between thoughts and emotions, which requires a sound knowledge of human psychology.
Together they travel to their office, taking their respective place and pursue their philosophical outlook quite vehemently and enthusiastically. Their physical nearness in no way bridges the extreme difference in their conflicting beliefs.
Vinod married to Kiran has two children; son Vivek and daughter Kaya. Vijay married to Kalpana, has also two children; daughter Kangana and son Vikas.
On a weekend visit to a restaurant, the family is introduced by Vivek to two young entrepreneurs Kunal Kapoor and Amit Malhotra. Kunal mixes with both the brothers and inquires about the intricacies of their professions and gives them, some startling, but favorable comments of a business guru.
One Sunday Vijay, lazing in the cool breeze and colorful surroundings, reminisces about his youth when during college days a girl named Kalpana came to live with her parents in his neighborhood. She remains the normal girl to him till the day she shifts with her parents in another part of the city. Vijay is jolted out of his senses and realizes how much he cares for her. Facing many odds he manages to contact her and expresses his love for her. The girl accepts his love and reciprocates his feelings. He manages his love along with his studies. The Two marriages in the family offer ample opportunity for Vijay to come closer to Kalpana as she is also invited. After completing his PhD in Clinical Psychology he marries her.
The elder brother Vinod too seems to be equally enchanted by the wonderful weather that day and after his morning exercises is enraptured in recollections of his past, when he is a favorite student of Dr. Gavaskar, the head of the mathematics department as a student of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, in Mumbai. Though he is a studious and serious student, he cannot resist the charms of his professor’s daughter Kiran Gavaskar. Love blossoms between the two. After his PhD in Market Research and lot of dramatic events, finally he is married to Dr. Gavaskar’s daughter. He continually engages himself in market research and the motivation behind his continuous research is to use his knowledge to create awareness in the common man and free him from the clutches of business houses. His wife’s consistent support enables him to achieve his aim. Kiran is blessed with a son who is named Vivek.
After their honeymoon in Goa, Vijay and his wife pay a visit to the elder brother and his family, in Mumbai. During their visit, the two major developments take place; one is Vinod’s establishment of contact with Kalpana’s brother Lalit Kohli, a multifaceted personality in the advertising world of Mumbai, and the bonding of Vijay with his brother-in-law, Lalit. With the passage of time, the group of three — Vijay, Vinod and Lalit – are popularly known Tridev among their friends and family circle because of their regular union and offbeat manner of conducting the things. Another development which comes to pass in this period is the emotional closeness of the two sisters-in-law which compels Vinod to relocate to Delhi with his family.
The Lalit Kohli’s earlier story is also narrated. It starts with his coming to Mumbai as a young man from a small town, his initial struggle and persistent effort and finally settling in Mumbai after receiving help from his mentor, Ravinder Malik. Lalit also falls in love during his days of struggle and finally marries his lady love, Rekha when he is reasonably well established in his work. After a long spell of association with his mentor, he is asked to venture into his own business. This he does with a great success establishing himself as a filmmaker in the advertising world and floating an advertising agency as well. Later he starts writing lyrics for Hindi feature films. His creativity baffles people. In the home front, he and his wife are blessed with two beautiful daughters Palak and Drishti.
As the children grow there are many interesting anecdotes which fill the story. Vivek, the elder son of Vinod develops interest in his uncle’s profession and is attracted to take up psychology as a subject of study which is not up to the liking his father, who prefers his son to join him in his company of market research. With the change of circumstances, he does MBA in HR and joins the top IT Company in NCR, Gurgaon. His sister Kaya and cousin Kangana both being classmates join MA in English literature in the South campus of Delhi University; whereas Vikas pursues his graduation in mass communication and is always inspired by his uncle’s achievements in market research.
Vivek, falls in love with Palak (Lalit Kohli’s daughter) when he sees her after a gap of a few years, on her visit to Delhi after her schooling. Though it takes place a few years earlier, but he does not reveal his feelings. The family’s recent visits to Mumbai once again ignite his feelings and he takes a courageous step to express his love for her. She has now grown into a beautiful girl and is preparing for Bachelor of Fine Arts, from J. J School of Arts, Mumbai. Palak is at first amazed by Vivek’s revelation, but later reciprocates his feelings.
Kunal Kapoor is doing business with his friend Amit Malhotra in project construction (electrical) using innovative, green technologies. He gets attracted to Kangana, daughter of Vijay. Kunal is a young person with a mind of his own, catering strong likes and dislikes about the social norms of present day India. Kangana, a beautiful girl, is also a strong willed girl. Their coming together is quite possibly triggered by their similar tastes and mental outlook, attracting them to each other.
Another young man in the story is Sujit, a son of a rich businessman and a college friend of Vivek, poetic in nature, very sentimental, but a bit nervous who is back from USA after pursuing higher studies. He is quite infatuated by Kangana. When he comes to know about Kunal and Kangana’s affair, he challenges Kunal and tries to convince him that she is only attracted to his ideals and not to him personally. Kunal accepts his challenge courageously. The story unfolds this strange love triangle with a novel experimentation, creating an atmosphere of excitement.
Vijay develops psychotherapeutic techniques for normal persons also because he thinks it is the need of the hour. He wants to use his techniques to create self-esteem among the underprivileged. When he comes to know about Kunal’s social outlook through his wife, he calls him to his clinic to discuss and finds his strong aversion to the prevailing social structure of the Indian society and his impassioned views about the same. Vijay tries to pacify him with his own views and familiarizes him with his technique and its possible use and finds in him another enthusiast of his concept.
Palak comes to relax in Delhi after four years studies and enjoys Vivek’s company. The three young men — Vivek, Kunal and Amit — and the three young women — Palak, Kangana and Kaya enjoy each other’s company in a group. They visit a family in the farmhouse to have a fun together. Against the backdrop of the farmhouse, Kunal takes the opportunity to express his feelings to Kangana, who to his great joy responds eagerly.
On the other hand, at Mumbai Lalit Kohli, Palak’s father accepts the offer of his mentor Ravi Malik’s younger son of his daughter without knowing anything about his daughter’s commitment. Initially the situation is complicated, which is later resolved with Lalit’s competent handling of the whole issue. Vivek and Palak are engaged with the blessings of the elders.
When Vivek receives the congratulations of his friend Kunal on his engagement he tells him about his promise to his grandmother and the predicament it has created. This is amicably resolved when Kunal reveals his love for Kangana and at the same time suggests Amit to be a suitable match for Kaya, also telling him at the same time about Amit’s genuine constraints which he promises to solve if the need arises.
Vivek breaks the news to the elders of the family about two eligible bachelors for Kangana and Kaya. Kunal and Amit are called by the Anand brothers to meet them. They are approved after the grueling yet interesting sessions, held separately by Anand brothers, as eligible candidates for their respective daughters.
Kunal with the help of Kangana, manages to induce Amit’s mother to choose Kaya as a suitable wife for her son. For him to get the approval of his parents is not a problem.
One fine evening, at the farmhouse in Delhi, the ring ceremony of Vivek, Kangana and Kaya takes place with Palak, Kunal and Amit respectively in an ambience that is picturesque and idyllic in the presence of several relatives and friends who have been a part of their host’s memories in different contexts. The marriage dates of the three, yet to be couples, are under the process of finalization. On such occasion, the real synthesizer, the third Dev, Lalit Kohli, who observes closely the life philosophies of both the brothers, reveals the formula of happiness to the satisfaction of all the others present.