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Security agencies/cbi ruthless in blocking payment to google competitor,opening book packet containing the book Jasmine blooms

It appears that google, tata have got R&Aw/cbi jobs for 10 lazy greedy mediocre cheater women with fake resumes, fake online work, only on the condition that their powerful fraud relatives, friends and lovers ensure that the google competitor does not make a single rupee online and offline, so that online identity theft racket can continue.

So these officials are ruthless in ensuring that the google competitor does not get any compensation for any of the books she is reviewing, spending a lot of time as google, tata are duping people that the lazy greedy slim goan bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc, who provides sex services to ntro, cbi, raw employees, who does not spend any time reading books and doing any work online, is reviewing the books to pamper the lazy greedy panaji prostitute raw employee further , defaming, cheating and exploiting the google competitor who is actually reviewing the book and spending her time and money online.

So when Shristi publishers sent a copy of Jasmine blooms by Rajat Narula to the google competitor, for review, the google competitor found that the envelope containing the book had been opened as someone(probably goan call girl sunaina ) was probably checking if sristi publishers was compensating the google competitor in any way, and had taken the covering letter and anything else which was sent to the google competitor

This clearly shows how unethical the sundar pichai led google is in destroying competition, using goan sex workers for honeytrapping security agency employees in panaji, goa, to ensure that the google competitor does not get any money for her time and effort.

Fraud google tata ntro cbi employees refuse to acknowledge time spent reading a book

Google, tata, ntro, cbi, raw have been extremely vicious in defaming a harmless obc bhandari single woman engineer, google competitor with a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai, wasting millions of dollars of indian tax payer money annually since 2010, defaming her and falsely claiming that 10 google, tata sponsored goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other well connected frauds have the impressive resume, investment and paypal account of the google competitor to get the 10 google, tata sponsored frauds lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs with monthly salary at the expense of the google competitor
As part of the google, tata masterminded online financial fraud, the google competitor is put under surveillance and then the fraud liar ntro, cbi, raw employees falsely claim that the google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence agency employees are doing the work, investing the money.
The money trail and financial records like income tax returns, bank details of the 10 google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree will prove that the 10 fraud indian intelligence employees are not investing any money online, are not making any money online, and are least interested in doing so in future also.
However google, tata, ntro, cbi, raw employee are so lacking in humanity, integrity and honesty that they refuse to acknowledge the time and money invested by the google competitor for making money online, and give the bribe giving google, tata sponsored frauds credit and a monthly indian government salary. Even for a book review website, these fraud google tata ntro cbi employees refuse to acknowledge time spent reading a book and want to give the BRIBE GIVING google, tata sponsored goan fraud R&AW/CBI employees like goan sex workers sunaina, siddhi, riddhi nayak, naina, nayanshree hathwar, indore crook veena and others credit, a monthly government salary .
After the google competitor has read a book, the fraud ntro employees are stealing her memory and selling the stolen memory to anyone who BRIBES them.

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R&AW/CBI stop supply of giveaway books because their google, tata sponsored lazy sex worker, fraud employees are not getting credit

Google, tata, NTRo, cbi, raw are ruthless and shameless in defaming without proof, cheating and exploiting harmless indian paypal account holders, domain investors so that their lazy greedy google, tata sponsored lazy greedy goan sex worker, cheater housewife and other fraud employees get credit and a monthly government salary, without spending any money online, without doing any work online, without spending any time and without taking any risk.

The google competitor and domain investor was supposed to spending her time reading and reviewing books, while the lazy greedy fraud google, tata sponsored R&AW/cbi employees especially goan bhandari sex worker sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, shivalli brahmin bengaluru cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak, indore document robber veena and other frauds got credit and a monthly government salary at the expense of the google competitor.

Hoewever in the reviews the domain investor made it obvious that ntro employees were involved in a fraud, so to punish the google competitor, the supply of most books won in goodreads giveaways, mainly from notion press has been stopped in the last week of December 2017.

Beautiful Apartments Near Minneapolis Minnesota

I needed to find Edina apartments for rent outside Minneapolis because this city is just getting too busy. So many people have moved into this town in the last ten years that I noticed my commute times getting longer and longer. I’m an old timer in this city and I can remember a time when you could get around fairly easily. Traffic was always an issue, but not like it is now. It’s worse in the winter too because of the icy conditions. I looked into moving out of the city proper and into a suburb.

I’ve always lived in an apartment so that’s what I looked into when deciding where to live. I wanted a nice place, though, and not the type of complex where you have a lot of younger people living and partying all night. That meant looking for something more upscale. I settled on Edina because it’s a nice area right outside the city and by moving there I’ll actually be able to get into and out of the city for work much easier than where I live now.

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So Long to the Rural Life

There was once a television show about a family of people living in a rural area who became rich when the head of the household struck oil while hunting one day. The family moved from their old home into a new one where the rich people live. I thought that something like that could never happen in real life, but it happened to me. Oil came pouring out of my backyard and I sold the property to a company for a lot of money. Using the money, my wife and I looked for Las Vegas Summerlin apartments and moved into one.

While looking for a new place, my wife told me about all of the wonderful things she wanted out of an apartment. She wanted to have a walk in closet to hold all of the fancy clothes that she would buy at the stores in Las Vegas. It hadn’t even been that long since we got the money from selling the property, and she was already thinking of ways to blow through it.

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Staying in the Charlotte Area for Work, Family and Fun

Our new apartment has a courtyard that is amazing. The pool is like one you would find at a resort, and there is a nice fire pit area and clubhouse. We like our neighbors, and the pace and attitude of the lifestyle here at these Ballantyne NC apartments called The District South suits us quite well. The kids have a playground, and we all enjoy the swimming pool. They even have a car care center. Stuff you want or need is here on site. They thought of the things tenants would want and made sure you had access to it here.

We like our apartment with its high ceilings that are up to nine feet. I like seeing the ceramic surround the tub, and we both like the big walk-in shower. We have big closets, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops in the kitchen.

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I Am Happy with My Apartment

There is not a single thing that I dislike about my apartment at the Regency at Outlook Canyon complex. This is luxury living like I have never had before. I am a single woman who works a lot of hours trying to work my way up that proverbial ladder. I wanted to live at a place where I could relax on those rare days off as well as the couple of hours I have to myself when I get home every day. This place has anything and everything I could want.

I think the thing I like the most here is the garage that I have. I am not lazy by any stretch of the imagination, but I still have never liked having to walk a long distance from my car to my apartment.

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Commercial real estate agency

Real estate is the largest single investment which a person is likely to make in his or her life, and it is important to ensure that the buyer gets the best possible deal and there are no legal complications at a later date. As property deals are a high value transaction, most people are not likely to have much experience or knowledge about the procedure, legal formalities to be followed for purchasing, selling, renting a home, office, shops or commercial real estate.

Hence, it is highly advisable that a person interested in purchasing or leasing commercial property uses the services of a commercial real estate agency for finalizing the deal.

“You never know” deserves better reviews

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Compared to “one Indian girl” by Chetan Bhagat, the book “You never know” by Akash Verma is far more interesting and realistic , especially for those who have seen the dark side of some indian men like the extremely selfish greedy fraud powerful NTRO employees who are ruthless in stealing the identity of indian women domain investors to get their girlfriends lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs with fake resumes with the stolen resume of harmless indian women domain investors.
Just like Sid treats Anuradha in the book “You Never Know” as his trump card to be exploited to the maximum extent possible, the fraud ntro employees bribed by google, tata, and led by brahmin frauds puneet, parmar, j srinivasan, vijay, patel, treat india’s largest female domain investor, google competitor and single woman bhandari engineer as their trump card to be exploited to the maximum extent possible to enjoy life time free sex, get money bribes, jobs for relatives, friends of top officials and politicians with the stolen resume
They put the google competitor under surveillance and then ruthlessly defame and exploit her to the extent possible, misusing her name
When the fraud ntro employee puneet is blackmailed by haryana mba hr ruchika, he steals the resume of the domain investor
When the fraud puneet wishes to please the powerful gsb and shivalli brahmin fraud mafia in indian intelligence and security agencies , he again steals the resume, savings of the domain investor for the gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar, brahmin housewife nayanshree hathwar
Similar when the fraud ntro employee j srinivasan wishes to please bhandari politicians , leaders and provide free sex to his bosses and others he falsely claims that goan sex worker sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc was his btech 1993 ee classmate
When the ntro fraud employee vijay wishes to please the powerful gsb fraud mafia in indian intelligence and security agencies , he again steals the resume, savings of the domain investor , google competitor for the goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak

Though it has got good reviews on Goodreads, most of the blogs do not have very good reviews, which is misleading. The book is highly recommended for indian women, especially career women who have worked hard for their career and money, and are targetted by selfish greedy powerful men who falsely claim to help, make a show of knowing the woman very well, when they hate her

Important Communication tips for couples

Having good relationship with a partner or spouse can be a major role in personal and professional success and proper communication is essential for a long term trusting relationship. Often people do not have the time to communicate with their partner because of their busy schedule and lifestyle, like travelling on business or work, working overtime due to business requirement. At times, one person is so worried about certain other work related issues, that he or she does not listen properly when their partner is speaking to them.However this should be avoided to the extent possible as it will affect the relationship. Some communication tips for couples interested in a long term relationship with each other are discussed.

It is important to give complete attention to the partner, when he or she wishes to communicate to understand the issues being discussed with the partner fully. Many people are busy with other activities like watching television, playing games or doing some work when communicating and do not hear what the partner is telling them clearly, resulting in miscommunication. So all other activities should be halted for some time, so that the person can concentrate on what is being told by his or her partner. It is also important to maintain eye contact while communicating, to check how the other person is reacting to the information being provided.

Often while communicating, the couple may be interrupted by children, friends, relatives and business associates, so it is difficult to convey the message or discuss the matter. So it is recommended that while discussing important issues or topics, the couple should find a private place, where no one will interrupt their discussion as people sometimes forget some issues, when they are interrupted. It is also important to listen to the partner completely, and avoid interrupting the discussion with queries which may prevent the partner from conveying the message completely, and the partner may also feel upset, thinking that it is an indication of lack of interest.

It is often easy to jump to conclusions based on half knowledge especially if a person is suspicious by nature, and early in the relationship. To communicate well, both partners should not presume anything without getting complete details of a particular issue , and should ask for clarifications from their partner if they require additional information on the topic. While asking for additional information, it is advisable to have a positive approach and not ask any question in an accusing manner as the partner may get offended, and it may affect the relationship. Also it is important to ensure that the reply does not criticize what the partner or spouse has said earlier, as most people are feeling offended when they are being criticized.

Building a long term trusting relationship takes a lot of time and effort from both the partners, so while communicating they should be supportive of each other to cement their relationship. Criticizing or passing negative comments can offend the partner and damage the relationship. It is also recommended that the couple agrees to spend some time together alone regularly, at least weekly, so that the partners can communicate with each other to update each other with the latest developments in their life, and also any issue which is likely to affect their relationship, like job change, travel, event, or a new friendship. Regular communication is essential for developing and maintaining a long term loving and trusting relationship for every couple.