Publishing a book

For a self published book, the author has to bear all the expenses involved in publishing the book, which includes

proof reading
editing the manuscript
designing the book, layout, book cover
promotion, book launch
getting an ISBN number.

There are a large number of self publishers in India whose pricing ranges from Rs 9999 per book and more depending on the number of pages in the book, book design, marketing and other factors. More research is being done on the self publishers of India, their pricing, terms and conditions, marketing options.

Why publish a book

While any one can publish any news online with no effort, publishing a book can be a money spinner and also help improve the professional status of an individual. However most major book publishers have a lengthy approval process before a book can be approved, and first time authors will have to approach a large number of book publishers before their book will get approved or face rejection. Only a few authors are lucky enough to get their first book published by major book publishers.

Many reputed authors like Mark Twain have self published their first book. However with advances in technology it has become more inexpensive for writers and authors to self publish their own book. For a book published by a conventional book publisher, the publisher who has a good understanding of the demand for the books in the market, will approve the book only if he or she feels that they will make a profit.

A contract will be signed with the author, and the author will be paid a percentage of the sale price for every book that will be sold, the royalty. In case the author is very reputed or famous, the author may be paid an advance for the book. All the expenses of publishing the book are borne by the book publisher and the royalty paid to the author will be typically lower at around 15% or less.

Getting a good book published

Publishing a good book
Factors to be taken into consideration while self publishing a good book, expenses involved

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