The only reason why the blogger form is worth filling is because it provides good information about the bloggers/book reviewers . For example the person managing the reviews asked the bloggers to indicate whether they wanted a paperback or ebook format, almost all the bloggers have opted for a paperback

Most of the reviewers are realizing that nothing can be done about the google, tata sex , bribery racket, when they, ntro falsely claim that goan call girls and other frauds who are not doing any work online,not reading books, not spending any time reading, are online experts, writing book reviews

At least when a paperback copy is received, they can sell it at a later date , a digital copy has less value. The corruption levels in India are so high that no has the courage and humanity to question the TIME FRAUD of the section 420 liar cheater google, tata, ntro employees who falsely claim that their lazy greedy call girl, robber and cheater friends, who do not spend any time, are reading books, writing reviews