Manipulated feedback on Goodreads for the Break up Clinic

Online feedback is easily manipulated and the feedback for The Break up Clinic is a classic example of online feedback manipulation. After being harassed for more than 7 years by the shameless section 420 fraud ntro, cbi employees, it was a pleasure dealing with the courteous Dr Govind Sharma , IAS retired, who is extremely professional and honest in dealing with book reviewers, sending copies of the book as promised. His third book “The break up clinic ” is far better than most of the books available and is especially useful for those who are recovering from a broken relationship, have cheated or betrayed by some one who they trusted a lot.

Till 19 June 2017, the book had very good feedback , on 19 June 2017, three different people Mahima S, Ramchander Jeet, Radhika Jai gave negative 1 star rating to the book. On 20 June 2017, Sonia Prabhu also gave the book a one star rating along with negative comments due to which the book which had a rating of 4* + has now got a rating of 3.86 .

Radhika Jai joined Goodreads only in June 2017, and has given a rated only the Break up clinic, and not rated anyone else, in a clear sign of rating manipulation at goodreads . All the other one star raters have kept their profile private, so it is not possible to find when they joined the website, however sonia prabhu has also given written only one review

In India in most fields merit does not matter, hype and marketing is more important

Usually the domain investor is getting free books for review or from a local library, however there was so much hype about Savi Sharma for “Everyone has a story” that she decided to purchase the book, only to be greatly disappointed. The book does not have much of a story, and it is a very simplistic view of the world, yet it appears to have been marketed very well.
On the other hand, some of the Notion press books like The Break up clinic are much better in terms of content, yet they do not get much coverage and reviews on book websites and mainstream media . For example since March 2017, the domain investor has got about 10 books as author review copies , most of the books have less than 30 reviews while the best sellers have 1000+ reviews
In contrast american classics like to kill a mockingbird have a universal appeal

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Entertainment News: The Evolution Of Defense Of the Ancients 2

One of the most popular online games today is without a doubt, Defense of the Ancients 2 or DotA 2. This game is taking the world by storm and is not showing any signs of slowing down. A lot of entertainment news has talked a lot about this game for the past 5 years. In this article, we will be talking more about this amazing game and why it is getting so much attention.

DotA 2 is a unique strategy game and is an upgrade to the ever popular Warcraft 3. The main goal of this game is to win the war by taking over the enemy team’s Ancient while you are protecting your own. The game is usually played by 10 players (5 for each team).

When you start the game, you will be required to pick a hero. Intelligence heroes, agility heroes, and strength heroes are the three main categories of DotA 2 heroes. As the game progresses, you will be earning experience and gold and you will use these to upgrade your hero.

Just like chess, the better your opponents are, the harder the game becomes. This resulted to a lot of tournaments for the past years.

Majority of the population of DotA 2 players are Asians. Thailand and the Philippines are two of the most popular countries in Asia where players love to play DotA 2. There are also a lot of players in Sweden and other Northern European nations who are hooked in playing this massive online game. Sadly DotA 2 was not very popular in North America, this is why very few tournaments are held here and most of the teams decided to disband.

A big part of DotA 2’s success is because of it’s amazing map. The creator of this map is Steve Freak but he later on passed the torch to Ice Frog (game developer). Although this is true, DotA 2 owes a huge chunk of their success to this man.

A lot of updates are still being made despite the fact that DotA 2 has no official support. This is possible because of the players/ users from all over the world, they show their support by posting their opinions and suggestions when it comes to hero and item changes.

Even today, Defense of the Ancients is still a trending topic for a lot of gaming news. This game has the potential to be the best online game in history and if you have yet to try it, you are missing out on the fun.

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