Women authors not sending books to giveaway winners

It is interested to enter giveaways on goodreads, like a free lottery, only time has to be spent. However it is observed that for indian authors, women authors are not sending the books to some winners of the giveaway, while male indian authors are usually more honest and send the books to the winners of the giveaway.< or bother to reply, some common trends were observed. The author had listed 100 books in the giveaway, greatly increasing the possibility that anyone who entered would win the book.
However though the book may be free, sending the book is expensive costing between Rs 20-70 per book within India and women authors may not have the funds to spend. Alternately they may consider it to be a good way to get free publicity for their book online and are not interested in getting book reviews.
It reflects the general tendency in India, make promises and then forget about them. Male authors are usually far more professional in marketing their book.

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