Dock Boards and Other Equipment That Creates Efficient Shipping

Most of us give little thought to how packages reach us, not even when shipments are very big or heavy. In fact, the business of moving materials efficiently is complex and relies on special equipment. Packages reach you on time and intact with the help of specially-designed ramps, dock boards, lifts, and more.

The shipping industry’s efficiency is due to very skilled workers and companies such as Copperloy, that create a range of problem-solving items which include:

  • RAMPS: If you have ever watched professionals move your furniture, you may have seen them attach portable ramps to the back of their trucks and use them to simplify loading. Material shippers do the same thing, but they typically use custom ramps. Most ramps are made from steel or aluminum and heavy-duty styles are designed to be used with forklifts. Some can also be moved with forklifts. Ramps can create instant loading facilities where there are no docks. They provide level access to buildings, trucks, and rail cars, and mobile yard ramps can be adapted for various jobs.
  • LOADING PLATFORMS: When businesses need to move freight but have not loading areas, they often rely on portable loading platforms. They can be locked together to create a large work space. Portable platforms are made from steel. They include movable curb sections and sleeves that allow forklifts to move them.
  • LIFTS: Very heavy equipment may be raised using motorized lifts. Platforms can hold weights of up to 25,000 lbs., have heavy-duty steel surfaces, and can be customized to fit business needs. They are used to move hand carts, lift trucks, pallet jacks, and much more.
  • DOCK BOARDS: Once freight reaches a dock, forklifts load it onto trucks that have been backed up to docks. However, trucks are often higher or lower than docks, so dock plates, or boards, are put down to bridge the gap. The portable, durable metal plates easily hold the weight of forklifts.

The shipping industry is able to move materials safely and efficiently with the help of dozens of specially-made tools. Some of the most common are custom ramps, loading platforms, lifts, and dock plates.

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