Being Careful with My Spending Habits Helps Me to Stay on Budget

It is nice that I can look around to see who has the lowest Texas energy rates because I can use the extra savings to pay for cable and other entertainment costs like that. It used to be that we were not given an option to purchase from different providers because a previous law didn’t allow it. But since the law has changed, I really enjoy the savings each month that I get. Paying for cable access is not an absolute need, but because I do not spend very much money on a lot of other entertainment options, it is important that I do have access to some entertainment for my sanity. I often refrain from eating out a restaurants with friends or doing a lot of other things that cost money unnecessarily. So, getting to put my feet up and watch some of my favorite TV programs at night is important.

I have a daughter, so I always figure out how to use some money that I save on the things that she needs. Her father passed away soon after she was born and we were never married, so there is no child support coming in. It’s up to me to make sure that she has all that she needs and then some. It’s tough to do, but I have budget sheets that I fill out every month in full so that I can keep watch over every little thing that I spend. Because of that, I do okay with taking care of things for her and I every month. I get my bills paid on time and we have a little left over for fun things, too.

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