Whistleblowers and defamation online

One of the main methods used by powerful corrupt officials and companies in India to keep their fraud victims and whistleblowers quiet is to threaten to file a case of defamation. It is far more difficult to monitor what is printed in the thousands of newspapers and magazines online, and file a case of defamation . Online it is relatively simple to find out what has been written about a particular person or more precisely a particular name . In India there are many officials who are monitoring what is being uploaded or typed online.

However fraud victims should realize that unless specific information is provided like address or photo , it is difficult to link a person with a particular story. Politicians and celebrities are involved in defamation cases, as they are public figures who can be easily identified. Otherwise there is no way a specific person can be linked just because a name has been used and file a case of defamation. In case only the first name matches , the risk will be even less.

Newspapers often mention that the names of the individuals have been changed to protect privacy and this clause can be used by fraud victims, online whistleblowers to avoid fake defamation cases being filed against them

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